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Suspension Repair in Des Plaines, IL

The key to having a smooth ride is a solid suspension. It prevents your car or truck from unexpectedly shaking at each and every bump in the road. If your vehicle is bouncing too much, visit our garage for suspension repair in Des Plaines, IL. We help you stay in control with tighter steering and a more reliable driving experience. No matter if you have a foreign or domestic model, make Transomatic your go-to garage for auto suspension repair.

Get a Dependable Ride with Shocks and Strut Repair

Major components of your suspension are the shocks and struts. They help absorb the impact of potholes and other bumps, giving you a comfortable drive. When they start to degrade over time, your vehicle will start to jolt and shake more frequently. Stay in control while driving by getting shocks and strut repair from our qualified auto mechanics. We inspect every component for damage in order to determine if they need replacing. Our team always provides straightforward and honest service. After we finish up, you’ll be back to comfortable driving.

Your suspension connects to many things underneath your car or truck, so it’s important to keep it in top condition. While our trained mechanics offer free diagnostic services, there are some things you can notice while driving around. Some of the signs that indicate you need suspension repair include:

• Shaky or Bumpy Ride
• Unresponsive Steering
• Vehicle Leans or Sways While Turning
• Shocks or Struts Leaking Fluids
• Visible Damage to the Shocks or Struts
• Uneven Tire Wear
Man Working On a Cars Suspension in Des Plaines, IL

Avoid Future Damage with Our Auto Suspension Repair

Because the suspension moves around throughout a ride, it is important to keep it in top shape as to not cause damage to the rest of your vehicle. For example, bad shocks put excessive strain on your wheels and tires, which could force you to replace them. A little prevention goes a long way, which is why our auto suspension repair is so crucial for your car or truck.

Having a bad suspension also puts you and your passenger at risk. Stable shocks help with safe braking and accelerating. Keep your car or truck safe by relying on our trained mechanics for your suspension repair needs.

Contact us for suspension repair that restores your smooth ride. We proudly serve clients in Des Plaines, Arlington Heights, Elk Grove Village, Rosemont, and Glenview, Illinois, including the surrounding areas.